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Monday, September 19, 2011

Zac Efron became............?

hello everyone ;)
do you guys ever know this 'lil' fella? yepp, the 'jambu' Zac Efron who became famous since debuted of 'High School Musical' film. ouhhh, all the teenagers girl would think 'i want him to be mine' or 'arhhhhh, i would die for him, he's too cute!!'. but i'm totally not effected at that time, i'm just like 'what the...??'.

look at him, how 'high school's look' was him :D

and how 'jambu' was him LOL...

but after years, he is no longer 'jambu', and i am one of his fan :))

look at his sexy eyes and eye brows (fainted)

look at his sexy muscles (fainted again)

look, how grown ups he is, ouhhh, ILY Zac Efron :D

what i wanna say just, Zac Efron became hotter guys!! don't you think so?? LOL <3

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