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Monday, April 4, 2011

when i love food but it hates me :(


i know that kind weird bout the title of this entry, but its really happening now. why am i says so? cuz i'm 'healthier' than before and for now i need to cut my appetite even while i'm hanging out with my friends.

carrot cake with chocolate indulgence cake

garden salad

soba noodles(ade orang ngidam sangat kan, pastu tak suka pulak :P)

beef lasagne 
when i'm going out with family either, there are no options for me to refused good foods :)

mini burger with alphabet fries for my nephew

my mum love dis one and i forgot its name
mozarella chicken

ouhhh, its quite difficult, but guess, i am good to hold myself(a bit proud) :) seriously, i wanna lose some weight, to wear what i want, to gain my self confident, and much more. but food always attempting me. therefore i love them but they hates me :(

p/s : all those foods are from Secret Recipes. 

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