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Sunday, May 8, 2011

its all about her, Hajah Raminah!


i made this special entry for Mothers Day :)

first of all, thanks to dearest God for giving every of us such a wonderful mom. i know that every single person would say that their mom is the best among the best, including me for sure, even if sometimes i think that she scold me without a reason, huh, how dumb am i not to realize what have i done that make her pissed off. my bad, i'm sorry mom :)

please God, show me how to appreciate my precious mom after all! i mean, appreciate her with all my heart :) she's nice, master chef in our heart, good listener, helps her child a lot, and i like the way her thinking even if she's not an educated person, she just naturally brilliant!

okay, i'm not like others who shared all their secret with their moms, cuz i know how would she react, but we are Gossiping cuz she has 4 daughters including me :D she's an old school person, she's no abroad minded, but still, i LOVE her so much and wish that she can lives as long as i live on this earth.

don't look at da camera, old school huh :D

p/s ; fact, she love her grandchild more than her child :D


  1. yeah! pas nih aku translate then aku pi habaq kt mk hg noh...hehehe~ =D a beautiful angel send by HIM 2 be ur guardian...take care of her more than ur self...=)

  2. p habaq p, aku nk tgk dia ckp pa. hahaha.

  3. wahhh da tau bile tua muka aman mcm mane...comeyy

  4. hahaha. she dont look like me when she was young.

  5. yupp..she was wayyyyyyyyy prettier..bhahahaa...nak delete la tu post aku..

  6. tak yah delete, baru igt nk tulis, bagus la tu.

  7. 'fact, she love her grandchild more than her child' Tu normal la, ko x tau ada nenek yg x kisah or reti layan cucu, malah lebih senang kalu tengok muka anak2 kesayangannya saje. Tp mak kita siap ramai yang nak wat mak angkat lagi. Sbb dia selalu adil.

  8. i'm not that serious with the fact la.