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Sunday, June 19, 2011

untuk julung kalinya..


okay, for the first time ever in this blog, i'm posting an entry bout my feeling towards someone that i care, adore and actually love.

before, i was like 'i'm not gonna write anything bout him cuz it might annoyed anyone just like somebody had annoyed me with 'some' entry bout their boyfie, and hell no i would't do the same'.

but now, for time being, i wanna write something that had happen between me and him(ayat terabur ? sorry)

i would't share his picture, cuz i never had one even though we were been together for one and a half year. just believe it or not.

yes, he is different with any other guys that i'd known before, he is not 24/7 there for me, he is not all the time loving man, he is hard to meet, and he is mysterious person.

but, still i dunno why i am into him, seriously wondering.

and now, already over a month we'd broke up, cuz i'm asking for that. the reason was ;

  • he totally ignored me on my 2nd birthday since we've been together

childish eh ? but can't help for being such emotional on my birthday.

and yesterday, when i miss him badly, i try to call him, and he picked up. the conversation just like ;

me ; hye there.

him ; hye. (sleepy voice, 1 a.m kot, tak beragak aku ni)

me ; is this you ? (stupid Q)

him ; who else are you looking ?

me ; ouh, ok, how are you, where are you ? 

him ; in SP(sungai petani). hows life ?

me ; just fine

bla bla bla,

me ; actually whats goin on ?

him ; why are you asking, you the one that asking for break up. bla bla bla, i've told you before, if anything happen don't involve our relationship.

me ; em, ok, i'm sorry, and sorry for disturbing your nap time, bye.

him ; ok, take care, bye.

it just like that ? OMG, how tragic is't it ? even though i'm still loving him, its kinda late now. and we are't meant together maybe. 

the conclusions maybe ;
  • he does't need either love me
  • he was like 'ouh, thank god, she ask for broke up'
  • he is so ego
  • he just collecting jar of heart and tears all it apart
  • he is.......

okay, this is might be the first and last entry bout him. HAHA, jiwang gak aku ni(gelak cover sambil menangis T_T, booo me, i don't care for now)

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  1. calm beb! mende y lebih baik tok kau nnty...Allah tu maha adil...=) myb dier ade his own reason y did he do dat to u...what goes around comes around...n its normal for a woman...meluahkn ape y die rse...=) chaiyok2 aman! percaye pd takdir Allah...u deserve much better babe...(^_^)v