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Saturday, November 27, 2010

novel graphic a.k.a comics

novel grafik pertama belian aku ;)

ever heard about gempak starz? they produce their own magazines, and novel graphic from local and oversea(translated), i'd start to read and collect since i was 16click here for more collection of mine. or try to click and you will find out what its all really about. me and my nephews sharing the same interest even i'm the only one who bought all the comics. but, i don't really care, as long they will take a good care of mine! caution! 

nak baca, baca la, tapi no renyuk-renyuk, no klepet-klepet, dan paling penting no koyak!(nahas ye sape yang koyakkan!) dah baca, letak kat tempatnya balik(dah sediakan boxes ok!)! kalau tak, jangan harap dapat baca lagi, nak baca, beli sendiri! bunyi macam kedekot kan? kann?(maybe) but i'm only takes precaution for my comics sake(membazir la kalau da beli banyak-banyak nak bagi orang rosakkan)! 

mungkin orang cakap, membazir lah, baik duit tu buat beli makanan. kan? i'm just cant' help it, it kind of addicted. at least i can keep it ;) even i have't talent to draw and create anything, i'm still enjoy to read this stuff! seriously! 

p/s ; lets share the interest ;)

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